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We’ve all had those cringe experiences (I hope?  Please tell me I’m not alone in my shame?)  You know the type I’m talking about:  you’re at a function, feeling pretty.  You’ve just been introduced to a charming stranger and your soul shouts, “The One!”  You flash him your most dazzling smile and, after animatedly talking for a few entertaining moments, you leave him drooling at your retreating backside as you sashay towards the ladies’ room.  (Beyoncé wishes she had your swagger in that moment!) While you lean into the mirror to reapply some lippy, you can’t help fantasizing about the wedding theme colour and what your future kids will look like with your hair and his eyes, and you send a quick, very necessary prayer to the heavens that your little cherub gets his nose (fingers crossed!). The thought makes you smile and, in that moment, your whole life seems dreamy.  But – oh no, please – what is that reflected in the mirror?  You lean a bit closer, a blush already starting at your knees and moving up… Yes.  There it is… your entire Greek Salad you ate earlier, cracked black pepper and all, wedged neatly between your two front teeth.  (This kind of shit just doesn’t happen to Beyoncé, I tell you).  So much for your Grand Entry… no, more like a sudden case of Dysentery.

There may be no hope for you and your Bridget Jones-like incidents. But that’s not to say you can’t apply some proven principles to your home to help it make a better First Impression. Here’s Wishtank’s roundup of the most effective ways to spruce up your Front Entrance:

1. Front Door Friendliness:

Whether your entrance is big or small, designated or created, one thing all entrances have in common is the existence of a front door.  So MAKE IT COUNT!  Paint it a striking, contrasting colour; adorn it using washi tape and a fabulous wreath and don’t forget to keep your hardware up-to-date and in a top-rate state!  Lastly, nothing says “Welcome” to your guests better than an actual sign saying “Welcome”… there are many attention-grabbing ways to silently greet your visitors, as some of these fun examples show you.

2. Practical? Meet Pretty:

No-one wants to see your stinky shoes, your post or your clutter. Fashionably neat and orderly is the order of the day, so choose an interesting tree horse, a shelf or a floating drawer and some modern or quirky wall hooks to inject some personality. Also, take a moment to contemplate who you are… your entrance should reflect your individual character, so if you’re a Classic Gal with timeless tendencies, then echo those sentiments in your choices so that the first impression of your home is authentically you. (Unless, of course, you’re truly a dreadful being with utterly dreadful taste. Then fake it till you make it).

3. Give those Walls a Lick of Love:

Like a metal-loving Bad Boy, those vertical dividers are blank canvases just quietly waiting for you to show them some love. They may seem stand-offish and intimidating in their aloof aura of fortification, but look past all that and take the first step. Shower them with your considered attention… it will come back to you tenfold, its impact powerful. Drape them with wallpaper, lap them in paint, shine them up with mirror or wrap them with washi tape or vinyl decals. That steely exterior will be putty in your hands with… um, well…. some clever use of that putty in your hands. And if they’re still not giving back the love, then drill some holes in those suckers to show them who’s boss and hang some awesome art, shelves or a striking gallery wall. That’s Tough Love… Some thrive on it.

4. The Case of Space:

I hear some of you whinging that you don’t have space in your cramped entrance for design elements. Hush down and look at these awesome action shots to see that when there’s as much as a sill, there’s a way.

5. Under Foot

With more options to choose from than Leonardo Dicaprio’s list of wannabe wives, you really do have the world at your feet in the department of choosing a rug (ahem!) From doormats that shout Welcome to classy, elegant Persians that know how to make a good first impression, from warm shaggies to colourful Bohemians… you’re sure to find the perfect one that looks pretty while you wipe your feet on it.

6. Colour Confidence

When it comes to decorating with colour, most people will place it at a 9.5 out of 10 on the Scary Scale (right next to sharks, snakes and walking in stilettos on a wooden deck). As tempting as it may be to default to neutral, don’t. This is a small space to push the boat out of your comfort zone and show some happy personality. Get down and jiggy with a brightly painted console table, some geometric patterned wallpaper, fabulously cheerful wall displays, a happy looking coat rack and even a colourful light fitting or pendant. Be brave, bold and beautiful!

7. The Phoenix of burnt-out style:

If you do nothing else, find a space for a beautifully elegant and curvaceous Orchid Plant in a pretty pot. I swear, these majestic plants have a magical talent for transforming something from blah to ra. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of your forgotten style, they do for hallways what Kate Moss did for the flat pump shoe… take something impossibly unstylish and somehow, miraculously put a tres chic stamp on it! Yay for orchids and Kate!

So, there you have it… there’s plenty of Action Points to get you started on making the first one step into your home a giant leap into Style City! Are you inspired to make any changes? We hope so. Just pick one if you’re feeling overwhelmed, but do something. Wishtankers don’t just wish… they DO. So get going… chop, chop! And don’t forget to send us your transformations, even if they’re small…seeing your Wishtank filled with wishes, inspiration and positive change fills OUR Wishtanks right up!