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We all know that, when it comes to designing your bedroom, the main buzz word is LAYER. Even your most aloof minimalist who sits on steel chairs and eats off marble spoons will let their cool tendencies slide somewhat when it comes to their bedroom. But layering, so to speak, is not without its negatives: there’ll be less LAYERS in your wallet once you’ve finished LAYERING your bedroom, I’ll tell you that for free! So, if you can only afford ONE luxury layer in your bedroom – the one that will have the biggest impact – which one do you choose? Well, no need to scratch your head… it’s the headboard, of course! It’s functional (ever tried sitting up in bed to read when there’s no headboard? It feels like you’re a character in Game of Thrones and you’ve just had your neck snapped by some or other sadist!) AND it packs one helluva design PUNCH! Anyone who knows me knows that I hold filling up wall space as one of the most valuable design elements when decorating your space. And in the bedroom, your headboard does the trick powerfully.

Below, you’ll find our round-up of favourite headboard designs… tell us which one fills your Wishtank up?

Colour Crushing!

Nothing says, “I’m bold and won’t do as I’m told!” like a brave statement of colour! At Wishtank, this jade green headboard has us swooning with décor delight! But even if you’re not the Braveheart of the Rainbow Colony, your subdued colour tendencies can still fight for its freedom, as these soft pink or deep bottle green headboards show us. For a calming and orderly effect, make sure to tie your chosen colour with co-ordinated cushions, rugs or other design elements. Or, if you’re truly quirky, keep the colour link a little less obvious to the eye.

From Dated to Rated

A low-lying headboard that extends across the full breadth of a wall will catapult your bedroom into instant Modern Status. Don’t forget to boss your electrician around at the same time you’re bossing your upholsterers, because those two need to be friends during manufacturing and installation phase if you plan to have any bedside lighting (and you really, really should).


Other options for modernising headboards is to extend upwards and let your headboard stand tall. Exaggerated headboards, either up or out, create a contemporary look and feel. And lastly, sometimes, overly feminine, frilly bedrooms can give your restful space a dated vibe. So, toughen it up by having a tan or black leather headboard – it will help keep your shared space feeling balanced as well as trendy!

No Cash to Splash?

We get it. Sometimes you just don’t have the moola for deep buttoning and wings and all that expensive jazz. So the most cost-effective way to do a headboard is to keep it simple. These examples may be The Plain Jane of our padded headrests, but it still has enough impact to stop the room from being a bare bore (one should never be boring when bare, am I right?!)


The Plain Jane also has a more interesting sister namely The Patterned Plain Jane. It still won’t break the bank to create, but a bold pattern and some stud detailing on the edge gives both the headboard and the room an air of understated sophistication.

Give Her Wings!

When in doubt, wing it! These three examples are elegant, classic and add true opulence to your boudoir. From plain fabrics to deep-buttoned in royal-worthy richness, to buttons and stud-work… the winged headboard will always keep your bedroom flying high in the style stakes.

Two very similar headboards, Two very different looks.

Whether you’re after modern contemporary, eclectic quirkiness, country chic or Scandinavian minimalism, the headboard will always help pull any scheme together with a sense of both dependability and style!

  • Rose October 3, 2016

    Well so happy following as many of your ideas, colors and advise will be put into good use soon. Looking forward to more ????