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With it being the month of October, and the very worthy campaign of Breast Cancer Awareness out and about in full regalia, we thought there’s no better time to showcase the versatility of the colour pink when it comes to designing your home. Decorating with pink goes way beyond a baby girl’s nursery. With more shades to work with than the Russian Mail-Order Bride Directory, you’re never short of reasons to make your spaces blush. But we needed an icon… some kind of symbolic girly guru who is unswerving in her right to both curves and colour.

Who best encapsulates the all-female concepts of both BOOBS and PINK in a stylish and enviable way?  Well, BARBIE, of course!

So, let’s take a moment to uncover all the different Barbies in our bid to show just how flexible and fabulous pink is!


You don’t have to be a 1950’s housewife to enjoy some girly glamour in the kitchen. The traditional way to incorporate some dilly-dally in your galley would be to add a classic pink-toned wallpaper above the lower cupboards. But other trendy ways to include some sugar pop to your mop {cupboard} is to invest in some pink-tinged light pendants or counter stools… this gives you modern colour without the lifelong commitment (even Barbie is allowed commitment challenges, you know!). Aim for a brigher hue and be sure to keep the remaining areas of your kitchen fresh and updated (these colour pops usually work best with a white-based kitchen… unless you’re a Confident Eclectic, in which case, no rules apply).


Now even we have to admit: Barbie going wild is somewhat unexpected…. After all, she’s normally such a goody-two-shoes. But even Barbie doesn’t want to get put in a box, so we say set her free and untame the inner décor beast! Whether it’s a leopard-print upholstered chair or a zebra-print cushion cover, mixing (innocent) pink and (wild) animal print is a sure way to affirm your position as a Modern Decorista! Take the prissy out your pretty and be fierce in your ladylikeness… be uncultivated in your domesticity. The surprise-factor always packs a punch, so don’t be afraid to embrace your feline femininity. Grrrrrrrrowl!


It’s hard to think of Barbie as a cold fish, we know. But if you’re more of a ‘swim with the flow’ kind of person and don’t like to cast your net too far, then possibly salmon pink might just be the thing to float your boat? Luckily for you, Wishtank is here to provide you with a whole school of salmon-decorating tips! Pair it with woods and neutrals for a pared-down, mid-century modern angle, or team your salmon up with with soft creams and beiges for a sense of feminine vintage. Or use it as your beige/neutral in an otherwise dramatic and audacious eclectic space – with the bold colours of black, white, greens and blues, your soft salmon becomes the calming force in an otherwise choppy ocean. Whether you choose to keep your pink subtle by painting one feature wall and dotting a few key accessories with it, or you decide to embrace the colour hook, line and sinker, your feminine décor space is sure going to be fishing for compliments!


Typically a Queen of Composure and chest-out refinement, it’s not common to see Barbie getting floored. Most people tend to focus on her……. more upper level assets. However, if you manage to tear your eyes further down, you’ll notice that getting some Barbie-pink on your floors can be just as eye-poppingly gawk-worthy! Just take a scroll through these pics to see how the right rug can really steal the show!


Yes, we know pink is best associated with Babesville. But what if your love for pink is only narrowly outweighed by your love for your hairy, gas-deploying, Jean-Claude-van-Dame-loving other half? How do we blend these two great loves together? Enter: The Butch Barbie. She doesn’t let the girlyness of pink intimidate her… oh no siree! She knows that all she needs to do is balance out that soft femininity with some rough and tough edges. General rule of thumb here is to inject as much dark walls/brown leather/steel beams/exposed brick/raw wood as possible. Another tip is to do more mauve-pink, less candy-floss pink. Giant TV’s and various guises of skull heads wouldn’t go amiss either in macho-ing up your cerise crush. In love with that pink-toned overdyed Turkish rug? No problem! Just put an oversized, leather-clad Lexington sofa on it. Fighting about your pink dining chairs? Elegantly remind him that if you can live with his flashing neon light of a naked chick in the bar, he can surely live with your pink chairs in the dining room? There is no reason why the two can’t go together like rama-lama-lama-kadinky-kadinky-donk.


Butch Barbie may have flawlessly coiffed hair and can walk in a pair of stilettos like it’s nobody’s business. BUT that’s not to say she can’t use one perfectly manicured hand to work the TV remote while crushing an empty beer can with the other! You see, people? BALANCE. That’s what we’re talkin’ about!

So, there you have it, folks – at least five different ways to embrace the power of pink! Which Barbie fits your inner decorator best? Hopefully, we’ve filled your wishtank with some fun ideas and light-hearted giggles! And if your home is glowing in the bask of a pink flush, please don’t be shy… we’d love to see snaps of your abode! Just tag us in your pic and use #wishtank or email us at … Happy wishtanking!