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Trends are a funny thing. They are the perfect paragon that we are all sheep, following the say-so of seemingly wise and fashion-forward people. As much as we here at Wishtank would love to believe that we are far too superior to become a crazy craze conformist, the regrettable photos of us sporting bubble skirts, red jeans and studded looped belts tell another story…!  (Moving on – and swiftly!)


However, there are some trends that just never seem to go out of style: The Bob (in its many forms), the button-down chambray shirt and of course, the black and/or white kitchen. But, because of these kitchens’ ongoing popularity, it begs the question: which one is everyone’s favourite favourite?

Or was Michael Jackson onto something when he eloquently declared that “it don’t matter if it’s black or white”? Let’s break it down, shall we?


Ah folks. The White Kitchen. This is a strong contender. It has a classical timelessness to it that transcends fashion hype. It also speaks to a clinical cleanliness in the area of food preparation that appeals to the  inner obsessive hand-washer in all of us. But how to keep it looking too stark, too cool or too boring? We’ll tell you:  team it with wood, match it up with marble and bring in the addition of a strong contrast counter stool at your island seating. Also, design’s dear old friend, Lighting will play a huge role in vamping up your white kitchen, if you choose your fittings wisely and boldly. And finally, your floor finish will also help you determine just how white your white kitchen can be – a warm wood floor or a large-format charcoal tile will be as compatible with your snow-white kitchen as if they were Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson…harmonious longevity with worldly admiration!


On the other side of the colour spectrum, we introduce to you the dark and moody Black Sheep of the kitchen family… unlike her goody two shoes sibling, she’s BAAAAAAAAH-D! But we love her anyway because she’s interesting and mysterious and oh-so sultry in her enigmatic facade. In this kitchen, the pot is always calling the kettle black and chances are it’s quite right!


But how do you embrace your dark side without your loved ones lighting incense and calling in the exorcist? Firstly, ensure your kitchen is in a naturally well-lit area of your home… a dark kitchen in a dark corner takes sultry straight to sullen in no time at all. Secondly, like her angelic counterpart, warm woods are a heavenly alliance. Introduce them in floors, counter tops, light fittings or ceilings. Another warm tone that really adds flair to a black kitchen is gold: from hardware to dropped pendants to bar stool legs, gold-toned elements are offset in the most attractive way against a black backdrop.


To keep it hip-and-happening, the current trend is for black kitchen cabinets to be more matte than high-gloss laquer. It has the effect of the kitchen seamlessly blending away into walls – dramatic and undramatic at the same time – enigmatic indeed!

One thing’s for sure, black or white, keeping monotone in the kitchen is a sure way to create an enviable centre hub of the home. We hope our images and tips have inspired you… and we’re curious to end the debate. So tell us in the comments below which one tickles your fancy: The Bright White or The Dark Knight?