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“My bed wasn’t feeling well this morning, so I stayed home to look after it.” Hmmm… that does sound tempting, doesn’t it? Our bedrooms are so talented in their abilities to nurture our bodies and minds, replenish what life takes out of us and is a brilliant place of retreat from noisy children and washing machines. So it only seems fair that we show our bedrooms its due attention for looking after us so well, don’t you think? Hands down, our favourite room in a house to design, we thought we’d sprinkle some of our knowledge upon you fine folk for bedrooms that sparkle with stylish pizzazz!

The Starting Point... GET INSPIRED

First and foremost, before you start breaking down the design details of your boudoir, you EXPLORE.  Take your time to scroll through images and decide what ‘look’ resonates with YOU.  There are many beautiful styles of interiors out there but you need to pick the one that sings loudest to your soul… are you most drawn to simple structures like the Mid Century Modern?  Do you most hanker for the luxury of a layered, glamorous Contemporary?  Or does a Romantic Classic look have your heart beating faster?  Once you’ve got the general STYLE sorted, it narrows down your choices in the most helpful way as you start zoning in on the nitty gritty.  Here are a few inspirational bedrooms to help you on your way…

The Do's & Don't's:

The Do’s:

  1. Create one obvious focal point.  The most common point to focus on is the main bed wall which needs your dressing up, either by choice of headboard, wallpaper, paint colour or wallart.  Unless your bed is a statement canopy bed in deep black, in which case, let that starlet dazzle without distraction against stark white walls for maximum effect.
  2. Layer up!  Nothing creates a sense of luxurious coziness quite like the power of layers.  Use combinations of sheets, duvets, quilts, throws, and pillows (and that’s just layers for the bed – you can layer up those walls and floors too, so this is no time to be ‘snoep’!)
  3. For a calming look, stick to unpatterned fabrics in neutral-based or soft-colour tones, but do remember to choose a range of different textures to keep it from creating the kind of yawns we don’t want in a bedroom!
  4. Where possible, create a 30-40cm bulkhead above the bed where wiring for dropped pendants can be hidden.  It’s a modern detail that adds interest to the room, plus having pendants instead of bedside lamps will free up much-needed space on your bedside table.


The Don’t’s:

  1. Don’t forget the all-important concept of SCALE.  If you have a long, vast wall where your Super King sized bed resides, do NOT place stamp-sized bedside tables on either side of it.   General rule of thumb:  each bedside table should be about a third of the width of your bed (if wall length allows).
  2. Don’t skimp on mattress or linen quality.  Cut those corners and you’ll be feeling like Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady… SORRY.
  3. Don’t underestimate the value of storage space.  Drawers are functional in their neatness creation, and open shelves and surface tops provide nifty canvasses to create the all important vignettes for showing off your personality and style.
  4. Don’t forget about the best blockout for your curtains that your money can buy.  Your Sunday morning lie-ins just got better!
Get It Here:

With a clearer idea of the kind of bedroom design you’re after, as well as some tools of what’s hot or not in the bedroom, the last step is to show you what offerings there are out there on the South African retail market.  Here’s our pick of the best, from us to you 🙂