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Under R1000 Gift Guide - Instagram

Maybe your husband did Cape Epic this year and his burning guilt over the R136,000 bike he bought for the event are still a pile of hot embers; maybe you’re Mary Poppins reincarnated into Super-friggin-Mom herself and your family is forever indebted to your maternal ways; or maybe you’re just plain lucky to be surrounded by uber generous, somewhat wealthy family members who are looking to dole out big cash moola to their special gal on her special day.  But whichever way, honey, you’ve hit the jackpot (kaching kaching!) because your wishtank gets filled with the most luxurious of our gift guides… one might even call it the MOTHER of all gift guides, if you may. (It had to be done.  You know it.  I know it.  That kind of cheesy word play is unavoidable for a Corn Queen like me.) So, without further adieu, welcome to our  under R1,000 category!



And if you’re looking for our other two guides of R250 and under and R500 and under, you can find them here and here




Black Tribal Design Cushion
White Dhurri Cushion
Geometric Clock
Ada Throw
Floor Cushion
Cubist Shelf and Storage
Chunky Duck Egg Throw
Clam Shell Necklace