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fathers day gift guide

NEWS FLASH! It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, 18th June. Yup, that daunting time of the year, where we’re all left scratching our heads as we frantically try to think up the perfect gift for our favourite guy… Gulp! Father’s Day gifts are hard. We know! That’s why so many of us fall into that cringe-worthy trap of wallets and ties. (Guilty x2!) And while we’re not convinced that those oh, so practical gifts show suitable thanks and gratitude for being our Rock, our Superman, our Mr Fixit and Go To Guy, we’re holding onto the fact that one of the most endearing qualities of Dad’s all over the planet, is that they are generally uncomplicated and not too fussy. God bless ’em! And let’s face it, this bodes well for us as Father’s Day looms large! So if all else fails, tap into that silly Dad humour we all pretend to loathe, and get him something gloriously goofy. He’ll love it! Take a peek at some of the ideas we’ve rustled up for R300 and under, and show Pops some sweet love ♥




Coffee Caspsule Holder
Bluetooth Shower Speaker
Craft Beer Tasting Set (4)
Cork Beer Tray
Man Cave Sign
Man Flu Mug
Mr Grumpy Travel Mug
Man Flu Warmer Bag