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Can you see yourself in any of these scenarios?


  • You’re bored of your current bedroom/living room/home office (etc). You want to change things up, but you feel overwhelmed and mildly sweaty as to where to start.
  • You want professional advice but you don’t want some hoity toity interior designer to march into your home and, with a turn of her Louboutine stiletto and a wave of her clipboard, take complete control of your lair.
  • You don’t have a giant budget. You’re not a Kardashian.
  • You’re not even sure of your budget.  You just want skilled, cohesive options that give you an idea on how much manipulation you’re actually going to have to apply to your fund-provider.


If any of the above sounds familiar, then fear not! We have the ideal solution…

Mood Board Launch - Insta pic

We’re super excited to bring you our ‘Mood Board’ e-Design Service!  So, over the past year, you’ve come to know us as the Sisters with Style Savvy. You know we know where to shop and how to pull things together.  It’s what we do. We’ve been virtual-shopping up a storm since our inception last year. But now, you can have our carefully-compiled mood boards and shopping lists custom-made to suit you and your home’s needs. Here’s how it works:


  • You fill out a questionnaire that takes your wants, needs, likes and dislikes and breaks it down for us like MC Hammer.
  • You pay us to proceed.
  • We spend the next two weeks pulling together not one but three unified moodboards with three grades of budgets, namely:
    1. The Baked Beans on Toast;
    2. The Steak and Chips; and
    3. The Caviar, dah-ling.


All chosen products across all three boards will be cohesive and inter-changeable, meaning you can potentially choose the rug from the most expensive moodboard and team it with the light fitting from the most cost-effective moodboard.  You have complete flexibility and versatility to choose items that fit your taste and budget, all with the knowledge that they work well together.


  • We provide you with a user-friendly shopping list, complete with item size, price and, where possible, direct links to shop yourself. And the final cherry? On certain key pieces where decent trade prices are applicable, we can order these items for you and you get to cash in on some of that juicy trade discount.
Mood Board - visuals
3 tier design package

We’re so excited about our new e-design concept, that we’re offering three moodboards to you at the introductory price of R1,500 total**. At this price, together with potential trade discounts, these babies could practically pay for themselves! Stop second guessing yourself and rather tap into our expertise for solid guidance and direction. Go on… click here to get started!


** The introductory price of R1,500.00 is set per space and with a maximum of 10 items to be sourced (x 3 budget schemes, so you’ll receive up to 30 items across the 3 x moodboards). If you require more than 10 items per space, or if you have a larger/open-plan area (e.g. lounge-dining room), we can provide additional sourcing at a surcharge of R250 per item (across the 3 x moodboards).